CWII 1/15/13

17 Jan

What we did:

  • Quote: Listen carefully to the first criticisms of your work.  Note just what it is about your work the critics don’t like – then cultivate it.  That’s the part of your work that’s individual and worth keeping.
  • Story: ”How to Cure a Cold” by Mark Twain
  • Assignment sheets: Credo and Author Response
  • Work time
What you need to get:
  • A copy of the assignment sheets – the assignments aren’t due until May 9th, but you can turn them in any time before then for credit.  I would suggest not putting these assignments off until the end of the semester when you will be swamped with other things to do.
What you need to do:
  • Work on your first portfolio piece
What is due?:
  • Group One: Copies are due on the 17th
  • Group Two: Copies are due on the 24th
  • Change: We will discuss group one stories on the 29th of January.  Those of you not in group one will need to have read and commented on the stories by that time.

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