Creative Writing 8/30/13

30 Aug

What we did:

  •  Bellwork 2: What makes a good story?
  • Discussion on the types of Creative Non Fiction
  • Sample Creative Non Fiction essays
  • Brainstorming Activity

What you need to get:

  •  Notes from a friend on class discussion
  • Pick up the Annie Dillard essay we read in class to read

What you need to do:

  •  Brainstorming Activity:
    • Come up with 7-10 possibilities to write about in each of the 7 categories listed below
    • Hand written is fine, and any format is fine as well
    • Examples can be a few words – just so you know what event you are referring to.
    • Due on Tuesday
    • Categories: Gaining a new skill, What makes you unique (and how did you find out?), Change (in life/opinions), Gaining Independence, Places you’ve been (cultural experiences you’ve had), something you know/love, challenges you’ve overcome/are overcoming.

What is due?:

  • Student info sheet/survey (Tues.)
  • Brainstorming (Tues.)
  • Start thinking about your name . . .

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